Interesting Happenings

Well, as I was walking back from the Admissions Office after giving a tour, I was passing by Jewett Hall (an all freshman resident hall) where the below crowd had formed (That’s Grady smiling at you)

The reason this crowd had formed was because of a burning book that was in the tree (see below)

We at Whitman don’t usually burn our books. I promise. This was actually for a class, it turns out. The book being burned was called “Wreck this Book”…it was intended for such purposes. The class assignment was “do something abrupt”. Originally the plan was for the book to be thrown out the window….however, somewhere a long the line between the book being inside Jewett and the book being thrown outside Jewett–a lighter was introduced.

Ultimately since this was an assignment for class, the book couldn’t just be left in the tree to burn (burning trees and burning homework are not acceptable things at Whitman). So Whitman freshmen being the resourceful people they are created the below contraption.

The ultimate result can be seen below:

(see the facebook video of it plummeting to earth here –> )

I miss Freshman year shenanigans!!!

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