A post from the midst of Thanksgiving…

I’m sitting at the table right now, eagerly awaiting thanksgiving dinner to be readyyy! I can’t cook, and probably would burn down the kitchen if I tried. So rather than put my family and home at risk by offering my assistance I’m feeding my Whitman craving by facebook stalking my Whitman friends….my stalking rendered this precious gem (photo cred to Chantell Lopez  [Whitman Class of 2014]….


I mean c’mmon, doesn’t this picture just make you ridiculously happy? This is on Ankeny field, which is kind of the heart of Whitman’s campus. Noah and Marga (Marga being the one that is pretend flying…and Noah being the one that is allowing this to happen on his back) look like they are having tons of fun. Every student at Whitman’s got some Ankeny stories where they’ve done ridiculous but memorable things out there.

During the summer Ankeny is where I would go out to play frisbee, and where others would lay out blankets to read on or play music. You know all those college brochures where images of happy students playing frisbee with others reading on a grassy field in the background on a sunny day are prominently displayed? Well, for the most part those pictures are staged…but like I say when I give campus tours of Whitman, that very thing actually happens here naturally. And then other things (like the above picture) happen too. haha.

Here’s a video made by Catie Bergman (Class of 2014) doing a 360 panorama of Ankeny Field during the summer time!!(Thats me in the white shirt and white sunglasses towards the latter half of the video laying on the red blanket!)

http://player.vimeo.com/video/26721835?autoplay=1   <— CLICK TO WATCH!! It’s super cool!

I love Ankeny because during the winter snowmen randomly pop up around the field….and one time a snowman was transformed into a GIANT SNOW BALL and after each class it kept being moved and thus kept getting bigger. It was rather entertaining, cause in the sea of white that was Ankeny field when it snowed last year, it was like playing Where is Waldo with a giant snowball that students would move around as they crossed Ankeny field. Eventually it got so big that it was big enough to block an entire entrance to my Residence Hall. So a few people that lived in our hall decided to move it in front of the main entrance to our hall to see what would happen (#collegeshenanigans). The ultimate result was nobody could move it for a couple days cause it was so big and stuck against the doors…it was inconveniently entertaining.

Here’s a picture, by Catie Bergman (Whitman 2014) of the giant snowball when it was a baby. 

And to give you a better idea of what Ankeny field looks like covered in snow, another of Catie’s photos will give you a great view…(with our Library in the background!…so pretty!!)

My original topic of Ankeny field has turned into me getting super excited for Whitman during winter time…THAT’S COMING SOON!!! I can’t wait for Walla Walla snow, and the great times to be had during wintertime at Whitman!!!

Kayvon ouuuuttttt. Happy thanksgiving!!

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