Magic show

A lot of people who come visit Whitman always ask “well what is there to do all the way out here?”. I had the same worry when I was visiting schools, especially Whitman. I refused to believe my tour guide and all the people I met while I visited when they said that there was loads of stuff to do at Whitman. Aside from running through the wheat fields and having picnics there, enjoy the slip n’ slide on Ankeny field, playing vollyball outside or throwing the frisbee during the summer time. Whitman’s Events Board or WEB, puts on programming all year long. Almost every night WEB is hosting and organizing awesome events for the student body.

Last week they brought in a comedian/magician who is touring the west coast this year. If you’ve got a facebook, this link¬†should allow you to see a wonderful video of some awesome “magic” being used to make me look like a fool. hahaha.

It was pretty entertaining, the whole show was great. He even made a bowling ball disappear. That was impressive.

But great programs like this are what WEB does, and are just one of the many things there are to do on any given night at Whitman.



Since this post is primarily talking about WEB and the awesome things it puts on. I just wanted to point out that WEB brought Frank Warren, the creator of Post Secret (, to campus on Nov 30th. It was an amazing presentation, and an even more amazing discussion. In the end, many students felt so inspired by the event that some shared some of their happiest, saddest, and most secret secrets that they’ve been keeping, with Frank and all the audience when Frank invited them to do so.¬†

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