Last night…

…Some Alumni of Phi Delta Theta came over. But before I get into that, I suppose I should talk about Phi Delta Theta and my relationship to it.

I am a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Whitman. I serve as the chapter’s treasurer as well. Now, before you hop to quick conclusions that we’ve all been¬†socialized to believe about the stereotypes of “Frats” I ask you to consider the idea of Greek life in a different way. The reason being, is because Whitman’s Greek system shatters almost all stereotypes we have all been brought up to believe. A quick example, that I think is very telling of our culture regarding Greek life is this: nobody here that is part of a Fraternity says “yeah, I live in a frat“. Very rarely do I hear the word “frat” used…almost anytime a member is discussing their fraternity or where they live they say “Yeah, I live in a fraternity“. It’s a small thing to notice, but once you notice it–I think it demonstrates that we value the friendships, principals, and combined goals of our respective fraternities when we take the time and consideration to say the full word rather than abbreviate it to just “frat”.

Now that I’m done doing an in depth analysis of our usage of the word “fraternity”…we can move on. lol. I do have to say, I have enjoyed every moment of my time with the Greek system at Whitman. From the moment I pledged to the time I initiated to now where I’m living in the chapter house. I was never hazed, and I’ve only grown closer with gentlemen I otherwise wouldn’t have ever even known.

Right now, I’m sitting in a big comfy arm chair in our house’s living room next to this guy, Nathan (see image) .He’s pretty cool…I guess, haha. He’s also a member of Phi Delta Theta. I asked him what I should blog about today. He looked around the room looking for something that would inspire an idea…and then he said…”last night!“. I looked at him, and he said “You should talk about the Alumni that came over last night“. So here I am…doing that.

Last night we had invited some Alumni that were in the area over to the house to have dinner and talk with us about their experiences in college, what they got out of being a Phi and talk about some of their great memories. We had Alumni that had fought in World War II and we had Alumni that had graduated just 6 years ago over last night. And they were telling us about all their crazy stories, all the pranks they played, and all the fun they had while they were at Whitman. All these stories were different and varied between them all. But the one thing that was said over and over again by each and every one of them was that Phi Delta Theta created life long friends for them, and that they all still stay in touch.

One of the Alumni, Jim McCarthy, told us how he and 15 or so other Phi Delts from his class still go up to Coeur d’alene together every single year¬†and hang out for a weekend. Jim was a graduate from the class 1963…that’s a lot of years for them to be going up to Coeur d’alene each year. But it serves to demonstrate the tight-knit bonds that are formed through fraternity. There were similar stories from all of the Alumni, about how they had made life long friends…and it was really inspiring for those of us that are currently going through the same experiences that they had all already gone through.

It was a great evening of sharing stories and memories–and I think in the end, we were all even more excited about our Whitman and Phi Delta Theta experiences.

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